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Fork Seal Drivers

Fork Seal Drivers

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Now you can have a fork seal driver that matches your favorite fork brand! Orange seal drivers come in Fox fork sizes, and red seal drivers come in Rockshox fork sizes. We also have a seal driver for Manitou Mezzer and Bos Idylle 37mm forks. Yellow coming on December 5 with sizes 34mm, 36mm, 38mm.

- Pilot ensures seals go in perfectly straight every time

- Seating shoulder ensures that flangeless seals are not driven in too far, also works with flanged seals

- Smooth glossy finish on entire seal driver is friendly to seals unlike others that have a rough finish on the pilot where the seal must be slid on and off

- Long hand grip area makes it easy to hold onto the tool and keeps the hammer away from the lower leg arch should you need to tap a seal in

- Save on full kits for Rockshox and Fox

- Made in house in Canada from high strength POM engineering polymer

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